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The 9th cultural exchange party in front of Eton college
Jumping at Stonehenge
Visiting Windsor Castle
In front of Okazaki Castle
Enjoying a tea ceremony
Visiting a hatchoumiso company, Okazaki

1「交流の由来」How the link started

Kariya High School (KHS) was a boys' school founded in 1919 as one of the secondary schools in Aichi Prefecture. Mr. Takashi Hanyu, the first headmaster, who had majored in English history at Tokyo University, regarded Eton College as an ideal model in laying the foundation of KHS. He prohibited his students from playing baseball, which was very popular especially here in Aichi Prefecture, and encouraged them to play soccer. He also built a dormitory in the school campus, which was quite unique in those days. The former location is shown by the stone monument at the end of the bicycle shed you find on the right when you go through the north school gate. He encouraged his students to try to copy the Etonian spirit and make KHS as prestigious as Eton. The first headmaster's dream was transformed into the link with Eton in 1988 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its founding. The link was started by inviting the judo and soccer squads from Eton. The dream cherished since its foundation was realized at last.

2「交流の歴史」How the link has been

1988年 刈谷高校創立70周年記念行事としてイートン校サッカー部、柔道部を8月に刈谷へ招待。
Kariya invited the soccer and judo squads from Eton to come to Kariya in August to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its founding.
1990年 イートン校創立550周年記念行事として刈谷高校サッカー部、柔道部が8月にイートンへ招待される。
Eton invited the soccer and judo squads from Kariya to come to Eton to commemorate the 550th anniversary of its founding.
1993年 刈谷高校創立75周年にあたりイートン校校長アンダーソン夫妻を刈谷へ招待。
Kariya invited Head Master Anderson and his wife to the ceremony of the 75th anniversary of its founding as the main guests..
1994年 イートン校生物主任ジョージ・ファッシー先生が職員交流として刈谷に滞在。(7月1日〜8月24日)
Kariya invited Mr. Fussey, chief of biology at Eton to come to stay in Kariya from 1 July to 24 August
1994年 イートン校サッカー部を刈谷へ招待。(8月11日〜8月24日)
Kariya invited the soccer squad from Eton to come to Kariya from 11 to 24 of August.
1994年 刈谷高校代表生徒がイートン校特別奨学生として1年間イートンへ留学(9月〜)
A student was given an international scholarship for one year and studied from September.
1995年 イートン校生徒が、刈谷高校へ短期留学、及びホームステイ(4月9日〜16日)
A student from Eton stayed from 16 to 19 of April to experience homestay.
1998年 イートン校シニアハウスマスターのコリン・クック氏、校長代理として、刈谷高校を訪問、80周年記念式典で祝辞、校木くすのき)を植樹(10月6日〜7日)
Sr. Housemaster Colin Cook attended the ceremony of the 80th anniversary of its founding on behalf of the Head Master and planted a school tree, a Camphor in the school yard. (6 to 7 of October)
1999年 刈谷高校創立80周年記念行事として、刈谷高校サッカー部生徒21名(職員4名)がイートン校訪問(3月21日〜30日)
As one of the events to commemorate the 80th anniversary of its founding , 21 football boys accompanied by 4 staff went to Eton for the 2nd sports link. (21 to 30 of March)
2001年 イートン校サッカー部(生徒21名、職員4名)を刈谷へ招待。(8月16日〜8月22日)
The soccer squad (21 boys) came to Kariya accompanied by 4 staff. (16 to 22 of August)
2002年 刈谷高校サッカー部生徒23名(職員4名)が第3回イートン校訪問(8月22日〜9月2日)
The soccer squad (23 boys) went to Eton accompanied by 4 staff. (22 August to 2 September)
2003年 8月29日イートン校理事マイケル・プラウドフット先生刈谷高校を訪問
On 29 August, Mr. Michael Proudfoot, fellow at Eton, paid a visit to Kariya high school.
2005年 4月1日イートン校校長夫妻刈谷高校を訪問
On 1 April, Headmaster of Eton and his wife paid a visit to Kariya High School.
Boys learning Japanese at Eton came to Kariya and stayed with KHS students' families.(The 1st academic exchange through the 14th academic exchange)
Students at Kariya High School visited Eton for about two weeks every other summer and stayed with Eton boys’ families. ( The 1st cultural exchange, as one of the events to commemorate the 80th anniversary of KHS’s founding, through the 9th cultural exchange)
2008年 刈谷高校創立90周年記念行事として、イートン校サッカー部(生徒27名、職員5名)を刈谷へ招待(8月12日〜8月17日)
As one of the events to commemorate the 90th anniversary of KHS's founding, the Eton soccer squad (27 boys)came to Kariya accompanied by 5 staff members.(12 to 17 of August)
2010年 刈谷高校サッカー部生徒16名(職員4名)が第4回イートン校訪問(7月28日〜8月6日)
The soccer squad (16 boys) went to Eton accompanied by 4 staff members. (28July to 6 August)
2012年 (第15回ホームステイ交流)イートン校日本語学科で日本語を学ぶ生徒8名が刈谷高校在学生徒の家庭でホームステイ研修を行う。(3月から4月にかけて2週間) Eight boys learning Japanese at Eton came to Kariya and stayed with KHS students' families. (The 15th academic exchange)
2014年 2014年(第16回ホームステイ交流)イートン校日本語学科で日本語を学ぶ生徒9名が刈谷高校在学生徒の家庭でホームステイ研修を行う。(3月から4月にかけて2週間) Nine boys learning Japanese at Eton came to Kariya and stayed with KHS students’ families. (The 16th academic exchange)

Studying terrestrial rocks and meteorites at the Gamagori Natural History Museum - Sea of life -.
Experiencing a formal Shinto ceremony at Ichihara-inari shrine, Kariya
Experiencing Zen meditation at Rinsenji temple, Hekinan

3「最近の交流」New events

Nine boys and two staff members visited Kariya High School from 29 March to 12 April for the 16th academic exchange.

They stayed with Kariya High School students’ families and enjoyed their stay in Japan. They experienced Zen meditation, calligraphy, tea ceremony, kendo, and visited Okazaki Castle, a Hatchomiso company, etc. This time they also visited Nabananosato Garden and Nagoya Port Aquarium.

Both the Eton boys and their Kariya host students had wonderful cross-cultural experiences.

Eight students and four staff members (including the headmaster) visited Eton College from 20 July to 1 August for the 9th cultural exchange.

They stayed at one of the Eton college’s houses and learned English culture and history by visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, Stonehenge, etc. in the first five days. After that they stayed with Eton College boys’ families and enjoyed English daily life during their stay.

Eton soccer team Courtesy call
Before the friendly match with Eton College
Visit to the Mayor of Eton

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